Turn any camera into 'Smart Camera'

Arkision combines camera monitoring, surveillance, and analytics solutions.

Connect with your existing camera system and get an instant real-time notification on people counting, car counting, location occupancy, queues, heatmaps, and many more.

The most cost-efficient CCTV AI solution in the market.

Thief Detection

Detecting thieves and intrusions and generating alarms in a highly secure zone.

Arkision should not detect small objects (dogs, flies, etc.) although it should be sensitive but not generate any false positive alarms.

People Counter

Counting people from various locations, check-out real-time space occupancy, and analyze the person's behavior.

Perfectly, comply with safety and Covid-19 regulations via digital occupancy signage.

Car Counter

Count the vehicles and detect the speed directly from your video streams or recorded footage.

Arkision, also supports vehicle /pedestrian classification

Get notification on your 'Mobile'

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Arkision is dedicated to make your security handly and powerful. Get alerts in mobile realtime.

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