Automate Industrial Inspections with Vision AI Software

Our Brain Builder software allows you to create custom vision AI inspection solutions that improve the quality assurance process, increase throughput, and reduce product defects.


Train your AI solution as you upload and tag data


Launch your Brain in the cloud or on the edge


Use iterative feedback to improve performance

Image Classification and Model Training

Arkision's Lifelong-DNN technology, combined with an intuitive interface, gives you the ability to train a custom model as you classify your images. Once you’re happy with your model, you can deploy in the cloud, or directly on the edge with Brain Builder SDK. Our SDK runs on a wide variety of operating systems, CPUs, GPUs and NPUs from miniature single-board computers to large-scale servers and allows your edge-deployed model to learn continuously and adapt to any deployment scenario.

The benefit? Training a model takes hours instead of weeks, requiring orders of magnitude less data. And a model can be deployed and fine-tuned locally without the need to send or store images.

From Rapid Prototyping to Robust Deployment

Brain Builder models can be in development, staging, or deployed in production. This means you can always improve your model in the background, then migrate to production when you're ready. Our iOS or Android companion app for Brain Builder allows users to perform needed testing and rapid prototyping in the field. Then, easily deploy in the cloud or on the edge (on Linux, iOS, or Android).

Custom vision models on any edge device with Brain Builder SDK

Our Brain Builder platform enables you to build custom vision applications in minutes. With the Brain Builder SDK, your applications run lightning-fast on any edge device for both inference and further learning. 


Identify whether an object of interest is in a frame or image


Place a bounding box around objects of interest


Identify the object of interest at the pixel level

Automated Data Formatting for TensorFlow and Caffe

Have your entire dataset prepped and ready to go for export to TensorFlow or Caffe with just a few mouse clicks. If you’d like to manipulate the code, Brain Builder can output to JSON so you can leverage other open or proprietary frameworks.

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Arkision Brain Builder for iOS or Android

Test your custom vision AI solution on an easy to use iOS or Android app. Now available on the Apple Store and Google Play.


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