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Brain Builder custom AI enables faster, easier, and less expensive smart device applications

Trusted Industry Experience

Brain Builder was developed to support our work deploying AI onto over 43 million smart devices. We understand the speed and efficiency requirements driven by the short product lifecycles for consumer-grade applications. Brain Builder automates and accelerates the development of your vision AI solutions, enabling your teams to meet production and quality deadlines.

From Rapid Prototyping to Robust Deployment

Adding vision AI to smart devices presents a unique set of challenges: Massive variability in data and typically restrictive hardware specifications. Built on Lifelong-DNN technology, Brain Builder is the only platform that enables the rapid iterative and incremental improvement of Brains that can be deployed on the edge.

Is Brain Builder right for your smart devices?

Brain Builder allows you to quickly and simply:

  • Produce Brains without AI experts

  • Develop Brains with fewer data and improve over time

  • Develop device-specific Brains in 90% less time

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