Vision AI for Robots

Brain Builder custom vision AI enables faster, easier, and less expensive robotics applications 

Trusted industry experience

Since our early work developing vision AI for the Mars Rover, our solutions have enabled thousands of robots to navigate difficult terrain, identify specific objects or defects, and rapidly learn new classes of objects.

Brain Builder ROI

With Brain Builder, robotics companies are able to quickly develop robust custom vision AI capabilities to meet their mission-specific requirements. And they can be deployed on the edge or in the cloud. With up to a 25% cost savings for your first AI model, the savings increase as you build more.

Is Brain Builder right for your robots?

Brain Builder allows you to quickly and simply:

  • Develop vision AI models with less data that improve over time

  • Develop application-specific AI models in 90% less time

  • Produce custom vision AI models without having AI expertise on staff

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