Empower Drones with Vision AI

Brain Builder custom vision AI enables faster, easier, and less expensive drone operations and application development

How Arkision supports drone use cases

Smart drones have many different applications in the energy, telecommunications, public safety, and security sectors. The challenge is that they collect too many images to sort through efficiently.  Arkision’s vision AI is the missing piece of the puzzle in the drone industry, providing the intelligence needed to process this “drone data deluge.”

Intelligent inspectors

Drone inspections for cell towers, wind turbines, miles of pipeline, and electrical infrastructure reduce human risk and save time. With Arkision’s custom vision AI you can create mission-specific models that integrate with your drone applications to meet the inspection requirements of your customers.

Vision AI in the cloud or at the edge

With Brain Builder you can upload and store your images/videos, annotate, train and deploy a custom AI model in the cloud or on the edge. Our L-DNN technology allows you to create custom models in less time, and they continuously learn based on your input.

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