Automate Visual Inspections

Industry 4.0 is here

Brain Builder Vision AI enables quality inspections that are faster, cheaper and more accurate than ever before, providing greater flexibility in the manufacturing process.

How Arkision supports industrial use cases

Computer or machine vision has helped manufacturers improve quality for decades. But the technology has limitations when dealing with variability in the production process, supply chain, or lighting. Vision AI complements computer vision by increasing the speed of inspections, reducing deviations from line to line, and increasing the percentage of product that can be inspected efficiently.

Enhanced inspection beyond traditional computer vision

Arkision’s vision AI software uses patented technology to automate subjective QA assessments. Whether your concern is defect detection, product quality classification, assembly verification, or texture/surface classification, we allow you to quickly and easily update your system to reflect current concerns. 

Why does AI fail for most industrial applications?

Data. For most industrial processes, sourcing images of good products is easy, but accessing a large volume of defective product images presents a challenge. On top of data concerns, lack of AI expertise and expensive hardware requirements place AI out of reach for many manufacturers. Arkision changes all of this.

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